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19 Traditional dances collected and edited by Paul Rosenberg.
Peel the Banana with included music CD is arranged as a sequence of dances and singing games from many traditions The book provides detailed instructions for each of the dances on the CD, as well as written music (with chords) for all of the tunes. It presents the suggested age group (a number of the dances can be taught to children as young as three), formation and notes on each dance which might include background information, and teaching tips or variations to make the dance accessible to less experienced or younger dancers. Also included are simple instructions on how to teach the waltz, a list of enrichment activities for the classroom (including a reading list for schoolchildren) and a glossary describing all the dance movements and terms used in the book. The CD has lively, dance-length tunes to match the material in the book, performed by “Peter, Paul & George” - the versatile Peter Davis (guitar, piano) and George Wilson (fiddle) with Rosenberg's calling.

RISE UP SINGING Published by Sing Out! magazine.This comprehensive collection contains words and guitar chords to nearly 1200 songs arranged in a compact, easy-to-use format. You won't find such an array of songs anywhere else:
• “Folk Revival” favorites by Baez, Seeger, Collins, Peter, Paul & Mary, Dylan, Mitchell, Taylor, Donovan & more
• Contemporary folk songs from Near, Staines, Williamson, Rogers, Bok & many more
• Broadway show tunes, Beatles' songs, Motown hits
• Hymns, spirituals and gospel standards
• Songs about peace, freedom, labor and the environment
• Ballads, cowboy songs, chanteys and blues
1190 songs, fully indexed, 7 x 10, 288 pages
RISE UP $20.00


Large print version:
Sized at 120% of the regular edition, it's much easier to read and perfect for song leading or for use with a guitar.


THE FIDDLER'S FAKEBOOK The ultimate sourcebook for the traditional fiddler by David Brody. Contains nearly 500 jigs, reel, rags, hornpipes, and breakdowns from all the major fiddling traditions. Special introductory materials on regional styles, bowing, and ornamentation. Includes an extensive discography. May be used as a sourcebook for any melody instrument. Chords are also included for all the tunes. OK63925 $24.95

Thirty Studies in the Art of Phrasing, by Bertram Levy
Bertram Levy is one of the foremost performers, innovators, and teachers of the Anglo concertina. This tutor reflects the author’s long experience with Southern fiddle music and his deep understanding of the Anglo concertina. More than a tune book, this is an in-depth course in the Anglo concertina for the serious student. It reflects a new vision for playing the instrument derived from years of intensive study of the bandoneon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.