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Front Hall Book, CD & Cassette Tutors

HOW TO PLAY THE BONES by Percy Danforth. Illustrated text with exercises and musical examples by Fennig's All Stars & ragtime piano.
Book & CD:
FHRBP1000 $12.95
THE ANGLO CONCERTINA DEMYSTIFIED by Bertram Levy. The most complete Anglo concertina tutor available anywhere. A must for anyone struggling with the Anglo.
Book & CD:
FHRBP1004 $28.95
ALL THE TUNES THAT EVER THERE WERE by David Kettlewell. Published in 1975, this history of the hammered dulcimer in the British Isles stands as one of the earliest books and recordings of the hammered dulcimer revival. Techniques, photos, tunes, and historic field recordings.
Book & CD:
FHRBP1003 $18.95

EXPLORING THE BOUZOUKI by Jim Cowdery. Many ideas and inspirations to help the intermediate player to play with style and musicality featuring counterpoint and duet playing with Jim Martin.
Book & CD:
FHRBP1001 $12.95

LESSONS FOR THE MACARTHUR HARP & All Numerical Harp-Zithers by Margaret MacArthur. Tablature & standard notation, with many musical examples.
Book & Cassette:
FHRBP1005 $16.95

by Alistair Anderson
This being the only complete tutor for the English concertina. Written by Alistair in 1974, covers everything from holding the concertina, to fingering, to a treatise on musical notation, and 30 tunes with playing and style notation and more. Not for the faint of heart...a very thorough tutor.
FHRBP1007 $11.00

A Comprehensive Guide to Autoharp Conversion

by George Foss
Here you have the absolute last word on how and why to change a perfectly good chromatic Autoharp to a one-key (perhaps two-key) instrument. George has lots of good reasons to do so, and this book is the gold standard for conversion.
FHRBP1006 $15.00