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The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor by L.E. McCullough
Since 1976 this book has taught the joys of tinwhistling to more than one million people worldwide. Contains 72 tunes, many never before published. Historical notes, precise instructions in all areas pertaining to the tin whistle. Illustrated with musical examples and tablature. Contains ornamentation exercises on grace notes, triplets, rolls, trills, all the things that make the tin whistle sound authentic.

The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor $17.95

Step One: Play Pennywhistle
by Peter Pickow
As the title says, this is a perfect "Step One" for the absulute beginning whistle player. Master the basics from the beginning to advanced techniques as you step into the exciting world of pennywhistle playing. A complete and proven method for learning to play the pennywhistle.

Step One Whistle $11.95

The Feadóg “Original Irish Whistle” is 100% manufactured in Dublin, Ireland and is the oldest commercially produced tin or penny whistle in Ireland. Many prefer this whistle to the Generation brand.
Feadog D: I/FEADOG D $7.95 

English-made since 1843. One piece metal construction with a wood plug in the mouthpiece and a conical bore. Easy to play with a pleasant, slightly breathy tone which gives it that old traditional sound. Not tuneable.

Key of C:   I/ IMA C200 $21.00
Key of D:   I/IMA D200 $21.00

This whistle’s quality, both in material and sound, has made it Ireland’s leading Tin Whistle. Easy to play with a cylindrical bore and good tone for an inexpensive whistle.
Walton D (regular bore) I/WM1520 $9.00
Mellow D (wide bore) I/WM1521 $9.00
Walton C (regular bore) I/WM1523 $11.00

From Clarke, handmade in England. One piece rolled whistle with conical bore and plastic mouthpiece. It is a very good choice for beginners, but it has everything that expert players want as well…lovely tone and smooth action. Choose black or natural. Key of D only.
Sweetone D Black
Sweetone D Natural Silver

An American made nickel-plated whistle with a black plastic mouthpiece. A little heavier than the Generation whistle below. Some say it requires less air than other whistles, making it a bit less forgiving for a beginner.
Oak D Whistle  I/OK64993 $10.00


Oak C Whistle   I/OK64995 $11.00


This is the whistle you most often see played by seasoned musicians. The mouthpiece is glued on, so you have to use heat to loosten the glue before you can tune them. Some perceive the nickel plated ones to have a somewhat sharper tone, but that is up to debate.
Brass G: I/WBG $12.00
Nickel G: I/WNG $14.00
Brass Eb: I/WBE $12.00
Nickel Eb: I/WNE $14.00
Brass D: I/WBD $12.00

Nickel D: I/WND $14.00

Brass F: I/WBF $12.00
Nickel F: I/WNF $14.00
Brass C: I/WBC $12.00
Nickel C: I/WNC $14.00
Brass Bb: I/WBB $12.00
Nickel Bb: I/WNB $14.00