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John Roberts & Tony Barrand - Nowell Sing We Clear
George Wilson - Michael Cooney

Nanne Kalma & Ankie van der Meer - Kapriol’!

Fourgone Conclusions
Contra Dance Music from Western Massachusetts
FHR-029CD $12.00

Here's a long overdue re-issue of one of the best darned recordings of dance music ever! Recorded in 1983, Fourgone is a band of seven musicians and thirteen instruments, heavy on fiddles and light on rehearsals. Their irreverence and spontaneity defy formal arrangement of the tumes. But even though the Fourgones never play a tune the same way twice, they do have a distinctive'll make you smile right off the bat, and you'll want to hear it over and over again.
The musicians are Cammy Kaynor, Van Kaynor, David Kaynor, Ed Kaynor, Allan MacIntire, Becky Ashenden, and Nick Hawes.
29 Tunes:
Lady Walpole’s Reel; Joey’s Hornpipe; Snowflake Breakdown; President Garfield’s Hornpipe; Wellington Jig; Handel-Bars; The Autumn Waltz; Polska Efter Skinner Albin Larsson; Bellman’s Jig & Reel; Bonnie Banchory; Irlandaise; Another One; Behind The Bush In The Garden; Lochiel’s Welcome; Blue Mountain Rag; Richard’s Jig; Bilgewater Jig; Tobin In The Morning; Chorus Jig; Drowsy Maggie; Dancing Bear; Lastowski’s Polka; Two Swedish Schottises; Lloyd of Binghamton; Frenchie’s Reel; The Crooked Stovepipe; J.B. Milne; Boda Valsen

Roberts & Barrand - Hail Smiling MornNowell Sing We Clear
Hail Smiling Morn!
GHM-102 $14.95
John Roberts, Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig, Andy Davis

16 Songs:
Hail Smiling Morn!, Sweet Chiming Bells, Old Foster, The Holly and the Ivy, Shepherds Arise, Old Christmas Return'd, Jacob's Well, March of the Kings, I Saw Three Ships, The Joys of Mary, The Bitter Withy, Carol of the Creatures (Sydney Carter), Hail Happy Morn, The Cutty Wren, Here We Come A-Wassailing/We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Carol for the New Year

Nowell Sing We Clear - Nowell Sing We Four Nowell Sing We Clear
Nowell Sing We Four
Seasonal Songs & Charols

GHM-201 $14.95

14 Songs:
The Boys' Carol, The Cherry Tree Carol, Carol (While Shepherds Watched), Come And I Will Sing You, Hunting the Wren, The Wren Boys' Song, Over The Hill And Over The Dale, Old Christmas/"Shooting" Recitation, The Ram Song, Welladay (Christmas's Lamentation), The Boar's Head Carol, The Praise of Christmas, The Rag Dance Song (La Guignolee)/Pays D'HautRolling Downward

Nowell Sing We Clear - The Best of NowellNowell Sing We Clear
The Best of Nowell Sing We Clear
GHM-202 $14.95

22 Songs:
A Child This Day Is Born, While Shepherds Watched, Leaping And Dancing, The Cherry Tree Carol, Sussex Carol, The Carnal And The Crane/King Herod And The Cock/The Miraculous Harvest, Coventry Carol, The Bitter Withy, The Holly And The Ivy, Green Grow'th The Holly, Winter/SpringRise Up Jock, Gower Wassail, Gloucestershire Wassail, Apple Tree Wassail/The Derby Ram, Sherburne ("Original" Version), Kris Kringle, The Cutty Wren, An Orkney New Year's Carol, Carol For New Year's Day, The Wren (The King), Lord Of The Dance

Nowell Sing We Clear
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell!
GHM-109 $14.95

“ When we combined our first three LP recordings onto a CD (GHM-202 The Best of Nowell Sing We Clear, 1975-1986), some songs were not included. A few omissions (such as "Green Grow the Rushes-O") left behind disappointed, even irritated fans. This current recording began as an effort to take a fresh look at some of these missing songs, so much so that its working title was The Rest of.... It has, however, been supplemented with a lot of new material used in our stage show over the past few years.”
16 Songs:
Carol for Christmas Eve, From Far Away, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Six Jolly Miners, Sherburne/Milford,I Heard From Heaven Today, The Shepherds Amazèd, Derwent Wassail, Joys Seven, Somerset Wassail, The Derby Ram, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, Homeless Wassail, Bring the New Year In, Green Grow the Rushes-O, Song for the New Year

Nowell Sing We Clear - Just Say NowellNowell Sing We Clear
Just Say Nowell
GHM-105 $14.95
John Roberts
Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig,
Andy Davis

16 Songs:
The Truth From Above, Babe of Bethlehem, The First Nowell, The Cherry Tree Carol, London, The Blessings of Mary, I Saw a Maiden, Chariots, The Holly and the Ivy, Joy to the World, Christemas Hath Made an End, Ditchling Carol, Time to Remember the Poor, Stevens Family Waysail, Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy, New Year's Carol

TRB201201 $14.95

Kapriol’! is a Dutch/Frisian band, playing lively music from the Dutch tradition as well as their own tunes. Their music ranges from Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic music as well as various kinds of world music. Strong vocal harmonies and unusual instruments give their music a unique sound.
Marita Kruijswijk - flutes, shawm, vocals
Marian Nesse - accordion, hurdy-gurdy and vocals
Rutger Dijkstra - electric bass, guitar, violin, mandolin, vocals
Ad Bos - drum box and other percussion instruments, keyboard, vocals

TRB200901 $14.95

Kapriol’! is a Dutch/Frisian band, playing lively music from the Dutch tradition as well as their own tunes.
Their music ranges from Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic music
as well as various kinds of world music. Strong vocal harmonies and unusual instruments give their music a unique sound.
Marita Kruijswijk - flutes, shawm, vocals
Marian Nesse - accordion, hurdy-gurdy and vocals
Rutger Dijkstra - electric bass, guitar, violin, mandolin, vocals
Ad Bos - drum box and other percussion instruments, keyboard, vocals

Ankie, Nanne & Tseard
Old Silver Leg
Pieter Stuyvesant in the New World

A chronicle of New Netherland

WR 1401 $14.95
Old Silver Leg tells the story of New Netherland - the Dutch colony that was to become New York - in the original songs of modern-day master Dutch songwriter Nanne Kalma. The story is sung in English with humour and witticism, but also with sincere concern by Ankie, Nanne, & Tseard.
Ankie van der Meer - vocals
Nanne Kalma - vocals, guitar, concertina, mandolin, jaw-harp
Tseard Nauta - vocals, piano, accordion

Dutch songs of water, ships, and sailing

Nanne Kalma &
Ankie van der Meer

WR 13-502 $14.95
Here's an album of 15 Dutch maritime songs from Nanne & Ankie, folksingers from Friesland in the Netherlands. They sing traditional Dutch songs as well as newly written songs in the tradition. They have toured in many countries throughout Europe as well as Australia and the United States.
Ankie van der Meer - vocals
Nanne Kalma - vocals, guitar, concertina, mandolin

George Wilson
A Collection of Northern Tunes from New England, Canada, Scotland, Shetland and Ireland.
GW2009-CD $14.95
Here's everyone's favorite Northeast fiddler with a great collection of tunes from "the north" including eight written by George himself. Accompaniment is by Selma Kaplan, Becky Ashenden, Bruce Rosen, Bill Spence, and Toby Stover.
38 Tunes:
Isidore's Reel, Reel de Lévis, Frosty Fingers, Jean Carignan Reel in D, Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban, Bert Murray the Auld Fiddler, Jig in D, The Nuthatch Descending, Kathleen & Dan's Jig, Henry's Good Fortune, The Mullingar Races, Blair Athol, Music in the Glen, Far From Home, John Spence o'Uyeasound, Leaving Lismore, The Valiant, Out the Bukhorn Way, Castle Garden, The Old Dutch Churn, Cape North Jig, Jimmy MacKinnin of Smelt Brook, The Marquis of Huntley's Farewell, The Snowplow, Poor Auld Woman, J. Fred Skinner's Trip to Lake Mohonk, Pearls and Diamonds, Sir Wilfred Laurier, Marche en G, Rickett's Hornpipe, Democratic Rage Hornpipe, Fisher's Hornpipe, The Tipsy Sailor, Andy De Jarlis' Jig, Ships are Sailing, Hymn for George Augustus Wilson, Speed the Plough, Reckless Asparagus, Blue-eyed Lassie.

Michael Cooney CHR001Also Available, Michael Cooney's 2002 recording on Cove Haven Records:
Together Again
CHR001 $15.95

17 Songs:

Nogies Creek, Sorry For Old Adam, Figure It Out, Wax Museum, Walking Boss, Little Do You People Know, The Furze Field, Hamlet (Oor Hamlet), A Pair of Geese, Squalor, Angeline the Baker, High Tone Dance, Millicent, TB Blues, The Thing That Makes You Beautiful, Lord Franklin, Old Beer Bottle

Michael Cooney
CD Compilation of
2 early LPs:
Singer of Old Songs
& Still Cooney After All These Years

304 CD $14.95

22 Songs:

Buttercup Joe, Trouble on My Mind, Cindy, Old Reuben, Weeping Willow, Mole in the Ground, Cecilia, In the Jailhouse Now, Man in the Mask, Been All Around this World, Thyme, Cocaine Rag, Whoa Back Buck, The Brisk Young Butcher, The Mermaid, Waterbound, Sloop John B., Me and My Shadow, Cripple Creek, Deep Elem Blues, Candy Man, Spanish Flang-Dang

Ye Mariners All - Songs of the SeaYe Mariners All
Songs of the Sea
GHM-106 $14.95

John Roberts, John Rockwell &
Larry Young

18 Songs:

The 'Fame' of Salem, Marcherot, The Steam Packet, Wings of a Goney, Pique la Baleine, Three Jolly Fishermen, Jack Robinson, Old Billy Riley-O, Hourra les Filles, Serafina, Rolling Down to Old Maui, Yangtse River Chantey, The 'Balaena', Hullabaloo Belay, You Gentlemen of Boston, Nantucket Point/Off She Goes, Noah's Ark Chantey, The 'Jamestown', Homeward Bound
Roberts & Barrand - HeartoutburstsJohn Roberts &
Tony Barrand

English Folksongs collected by Percy Grainger

GHM-103 $14.95

18 Songs:
Brigg Fair, Seventeen Come Sunday, Creeping Jane, Turpin Hero, The White Hare, Rufford Park Poachers, Lord Bateman, The Gypsy's Wedding Day, A Fair Maid Walking, The Lost Lady Found, Sprig of Thyme, Riding Down to Portsmouth, Horkstow Grange, The "Rainbow", William Taylor, Lord Melbourne, Lisbon, Died for Love
Roberts & Barrand - Naulakha ReduxNaulakha Redux
Songs of Rudyard Kipling

GHM-104 $14.95
Tony Barrand & John Roberts
with Fred Breunig & Andy Davis

16 Songs
Ford o' Kabul River, Tommy, Sir Richard's Song, The Land, Philadelphia, Cells, Mandalay, An Astrologer's Song, The Ballad of Minepit Shaw, Song of the Men's Side, The Liner She's a Lady, Frankie's Trade, We Have Fed Our Sea, A Carol, Danny Deever, Follow Me 'Ome

Roberts & Barrand - A Present from the GentlemenJohn Roberts &
Tony Barrand

A Present from the Gentlemen:
A Pandora's Box of English Folk Songs

GHM-101 $14.95

14 Songs:

Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy, Jackie Munro, Nine Times a Night, A Smuggler's Song, The Three Butchers, The Painful Plough, Dog and Gun, The Draggletail Gypsy/The Princess Royal, The Outlandish Knight, Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford, Our Hamlet, Sam Hall, The Fellow that Played the Trombone, Great War Trilogy: The Valley of the Shadow/The Old Barbed Wire/Long, Long Trail

Roberts & Barrand - Dark Ships in the ForestJohn Roberts &
Tony Barrand

Dark Ships in the Forest:
Ballads of the Supernatural

FSI-65 $14.95

12 Songs:
Oak, Ash and Thorn, The Broomfield Wager (Child 43), The Wife of Usher's Well (Child 79), Tom of Bedlam, The Dreadful Ghost, The Foggy Dew, The Derby Ram, The Maid on the Shore (cf. Child 43), Reynardine, The False Lady (Child 68), Polly Vaughn, The Two Magicians (Child 44)
Roberts & Barrand - Mellow With Ale From the HornJohn Roberts &
Tony Barrand

Mellow With Ale From The Horn
GHM-204 $14.95

14 Songs: Save Your Money While You're Young, Staines Morris, Barbara Allen, Salt River/Colored Aristocracy, Oats and Beans and Barley Grows, Kate and her Horns, Come Day, Go Day, The Albatross, The Wings of a Goney, The Handsome Cabin Boy, Five Foot Flirt, Our Bill, Albert and the Lion, Salvation Band

Roberts & Barrand - Live at Holsteins!John Roberts &
Tony Barrand
Live at Holsteins!

GHM-203 $14.95

19 Songs:

John Barleycorn, The Man that Waters the Workers' Beer, Garners Gay, Three Drunken Maidens, Bonny Black Hare, Congleton Bear, The Rolling Mills of New Jersey, Three Ha'pence a Foot, Johnny Sands, German Musicianer, Jolly Roving Tar, Herrin's Head, Eat Bertha's Mussels, Boozing, The Ballad of the Cowpuncher, Newman's Ale, The man at the Nore, The Battle of Hastings, The Barley Mow

Nowell Sing We Clear - To Welcome in the Spring Nowell Sing We Clear
To Welcome In The Spring
GHM-205 $14.95

16 Songs:
Candlemas Eve, Mothering Sunday, Gabriel's Message, All In The Morning, The Merchant's Carol, The Leaves of Life (or The Seven Virgins), The Lamb of God, My Dancing Day, The Sound Of The Drum/Ninety-Five, The Month Of May, Country Dance Medley: Trip to Paris/Knole Park, The Moon Shines Bright (or The Bellman's Song), The Football Match, The Whitsun Song, Come Lasses And Lads/Packington's Pound, Northhill May Song

Roberts & Barrand - Spencer the Rover is Alive and WellJohn Roberts &
Tony Barrand

Spencer the Rover is Alive and Well...
Traditional English Ballads and Songs

ST-1 $14.95

17 Songs:
Spencer the Rover, Creeping Jane, I Wish They'd Do It Now, Rambleaway, What A Mouth!, The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter, Silicosis, The Coachman, The Lincolnshire Poacher, Warlike Seamen, Dahn The Plughole, Shine Your Buttons With Brasso, Martin Said To His Man, Fanny Blair, So Green As The Leaves, Babylon Is Fallen, Thyme

Roberts & Barrand - Across the Western OceanJohn Roberts &
Tony Barrand

Across the Western Ocean
Songs of the North Atlantic Sailing Packets

ST-4 $14.95

18 Songs:
Introduction, New York Girls, Captain Samuels and his Sailors, Blow the Man Down, Impressions of the first voyage, The Crayfish, The Black Cook, The Lime Juice Ship, The werck of the Staffordshire, The Flying Dutchman, Get Up Jack, John Sit Down, The Flying Cloud, Immigration conditions, Heave Away My Johnnies, Perils of transatlantic dalliance, Maggie May, Peter Street, The Seamen's Hymn

Roberts & Barrand - Twiddlum TwaddlumJohn Roberts &
Tony Barrand

Twiddlum Twaddlum
GHM-107 $14.95
Join John Roberts & Tony Barrand as they celebrate 35 years of performing the songs, recitations, dances and plays of the English folk tradition. This recording, from two concerts in September 2003, looks back at a range of their repertoire from ancient ballads to music hall ditties, from Mother Goose to Kipling.

16 Songs:

Anchor Song, The Golden Vanity, High Barbary, Jonah and the Grampus, A Pilgrim¹s Way, Old Bangum, Who Killed Cock Robin?, Two Foxes, All Through The Ale, The Rawtenstall Annual Fair, Nell, The Nutting Girl, Claudy Banks, The Week Before Easter, The Cockerham Devil, Row On

Nowell Sing We Clear
Bidding You Joy
GHM-102 $14.95
John Roberts, Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig, Andy Davis

17 Songs:
Sing Nowell, Masters in This Hall, Awake! Behold!, The Old Hark Hark, I Saw a Ship, Cold December, Mummers Night in Oshawa, Apple Tree Wassail, New Zadoc (While Shepherds Watched), O the Holy Holly, O Bethlehem, The Worcestershire Carol, Penny for the Ploughboys, Stay and I'll Sing!, The Derby Ram Goes to Sea, The door of the Year, Villagers All