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From England: Free Reed Box Sets
Fairport Convention - Ashley Hutchings - Steve Tilston - Dave Swarbrick - Martin Carthy

Reaching Back
The Life and Music of
Steve Tilston

FRQCD 70 $49.99
A deluxe Box-set comprising five full-length themed CDs, over 85 Tracks. with previously-unreleased rarities and new recordings from Steve, his friends and musical collaborators - plus: a 100-page full-colour book with detailed discography, image archive, and career overview.

Fairport Convention’s
Cropredy Capers
FRQCD 25 $49.99
This is the Cropredy box-set fans have always wanted - it's both a perfect souvenir and a fitting celebration of the world's greatest folk rock festival; - and IF 2004's Cropredy Festival turns out to be the very last 'Cropredy-as-we-know-it' , this lavish set will prove the perfect commemoration of this unique era of English musical history.

Fairport Convention
Fairport unConventional
FRQCD 35 $49.99
Fairport's official 35th birthday boxed set. Rare, live and classic Fairport Convention.
This lavish boxed set was the major folk-rock release for 2002 - a definitive 35th birthday tribute and career retrospective of the founders of Folk-Rock, Fairport Convention!

“Burning Bright”
The Ashley Hutchings Story
FRQCD 50 $49.99
A complete career overview from his first professional group Fairport Convention to Rainbow Chasers, his latest band. Here are the classic recordings, the rare album tracks and the unreleased gems from Ashley's own archive that, in over 90 tracks, together show just why he truly us both the Godfather and the Guv'nor of Folk-Rock.

The life and music of Dave Swarbrick
FRQCD 45 $49.99
The definitive career tribute to the legendary Folk & Folk-rock fiddler Dave ‘Swarb’ Swarbrick!
This 4-CD Boxed set includes four CDs, with 73 Rare, Live and Classic Swarbrick tracks, together with a 136-Page full-colour Book featuring a unique Pete Frame 'Family Twigs’, a detailed Nigel Schofield biography, and full discography - plus "Swarb’s Merrie Melodies" 48-page Souvenir Fiddle-case Tune-Book! - and over 5 hours of Music!
The Carthy Chronicles
A Journey Through The Folk Revival
FRQCD 60 $49.99
Packed with previously unreleased gems, the first in-depth celebration of Britain's major folk/folk-rock artist Martin Carthy is a luxury long-format Box-set (inc 96-page book, photo-archive, poster, CD-ROM etc). With five hours+ of music, a joyful celebration of the 40-year career of 'The Prince of Folk'.

The Transports
The Silver Edition of Peter Bellamy's Classic Ballad Opera
FRDCD 2122 $39.99
It's just over 25 years since the release of Peter Bellamy's masterwork "The Transports - a Ballad Opera" - a work that is now recognised as one of the true masterpieces of the Folk Revival.
Bellamy's masterwork, unavailable for some time, is now released as a 2-CD/Book/Box-set 25 th anniversary 'Silver Edition' of the ballad opera, on Free Reed's Revival Masters box set label.
The Set's fine 136-page book details the History of the First Fleet and of the English 'Transported Convicts'. There's a full discography, detailed artist biographies of both the 1977 and 2004 casts, with reminiscences, many interviews, and a Recording The Transports rare picture archive of Tony Fisher's previously unpublished photographs of the1977 sessions.